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Due to customer demand, I designed our Precious Rose Gold Metal Shave Brush to match with our Butterfly or English Rose Gold Safety Razor. 
of course!
Men get the bubbly soapy lather from using a shave brush. 

So should we! 

Our Precious Rose Gold will give you a lovely bubbly soap slip so you will get the perfect lather that will turn your tedious task of shaving enjoyable again. 

Did you know that most shave brushes are made from Badger Hair? Never in the world would we allow this in our shop. 

Precious Rose Gold is made from synthetic fibre hairs, soft bristles perfect to combine with any of our shaving soap.

  • No more wet soapy hands.
  • Bubble up your brush and apply the bubble shave soap exactly in the area you wish to shave.
  • Shave
  • Enjoy the pleasure of shaving again. 
  • Size:
  • Brush handle-length: 110mm
  • Diameter: 28mm


guarantee | warrantee


We are so sure you'll love your TCSK 'Safety Razor' that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.  Simply return within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


TCSK offers a 12 month warrantee on our Safety Razors. We understand sometimes accidents happen. Please email us with the issue and we will do our best to fix it, or a replacement Safety Razor will be issued or a refund applied.



On average we use (at least) 52 Billion disposable razors a year. This is one of the easiest switches you will make. Safety Razors are a "one off buy".No more plastic disposable razor here.

Disposing of Razor Blades

Once you have used your Dorco stainless steel double sided blades and you feel it is no longer as sharp as you'd like you simply swap it for another blade. 

What do I do with the used blade? 

I personally put our families (yes we all use safety razors) into a glass jar with a lid.  I wait until everyone has used their entire package of blades before I take them to be disposed of.

Where do I take them?

Most cities have their own regulations and guidelines for eliminating razor blades. Give them a call!

You have eliminated so much waste buy using a safety. Congratulations. 

Caring for your Razor

Always wipe your Safety Razor dry after use and keep out of the shower. They look to good to be left there anyway. If you take care of your Safety Razor you will have her for a lifetime.


You will save money - cartridge replacement blades are extremely expensive.  We predict that you'll save around $250/year by switching over to safety shaving.

Whilst your outlay at first is more than a normal conventional razor, the long term cost saving is substantial.

The blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade cartridges, so you'll be saving your pocket (and the environment!) in the long run. Our razor will fit any standard double edge safety razor blades.