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Double Edge Razor Blades

Get the closest, cleanest shave imaginable with the Dorco ST300 double edge razor blades. A fantastic razor blade for shaving, the Dorco ST300 is a forgiving hair removal blade and a great choice for sensitive skin. Dorco safety razor blades feature micro-precision technology and quality stainless steel with a double teflon coating to help the blade slide over the skin. They are long lasting, smooth cutting and made from the finest materials to ensure optimal sharpness.

If you’re looking for a shaving blade for women, the Dorco ST300 is a great option. The coating ensures the ultimate in smoothness, which helps to reduce skin irritation and provide the smoothest, closest shave possible. Women can expect to get upwards of 10 shaves per blade, which means the 10-blade packs represent exceptional value. When it comes to hair removal blades for ladies, you can’t go past the Dorco ST300.

If you need a face shaving blade for men, these blades are ideal for light to moderate beards and great value delivering four to five shaves from every blade, depending on the type of hair and density of the stubble.

The Dorco ST300 is designed to work with any double edge safety razor and is a perfect addition to any of our shave sets.

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