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Caring for your Safety Razor

Caring for your Safety Razor

So congratulations, you've joined the ongoing movement toward switching to a bamboo metal Safety Razor. This will mean, you will need to give (your precious gem) a little more love and attention if you want the longest possible lifespan.  #oneecostep.

 OK: Now!

Give your razor a rinse after every use,  you'll want the pressure of tap (shower isn't usually strong enough) against the back of the razor head to dislodge any hair and oil/soap build-up. Then wipe dry, and store in a cool, dry place or your Eco-Audrey Bag!

Each time you disassemble the razor to change your blade, use this an opportunity to give it a proper wash. Do not use rubbing alcohol or harsh disinfectants as this can strip the protective anti-rust layer on the razor, soap and water will suffice. 

Personally, I use a cloth and wipe clean the blade. 

You're going to love your razor gem.