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Why should men have all the options when it comes to Shaving?

My teenage daughter decided it was time to start shaving. So, I took her to a very well-known shaving shop as I thought she’d have an amazing array of razors to choose from. We were wrong. 

When I asked the salesman where all the female razors were, he literally stopped in his tracks. 

“Um, um, over here”. 

So we followed him only to see two, yes (2) options for females. 

Can you believe that? Even he was apologetic. 

So, the option seemed to be; 

  1. Wax forever 

  2. Or buy packages upon packages of nasty plastic disposable razors.

Here’s a fun yet depressing fact. 
Women shave for approx 50 years of their life. 50! 
When you add up the cost. That’s a down payment on a house. 

Well... That’s not going to work for my daughter or other girls like her.


  • They’re beyond shocking for the environment. 52 billion in landfill a YEAR!
  • Who wants rust in the shower? 
  • Plastic razors give ordinary results and no one wants razor burn & razor rash do they?
  • They look ugly in your bathroom and end up cluttering up your bathroom draw. 

So Addy and I had a think about this and that’s how Tres Chic Shave Kit |TCSK was born.

We think of ourselves as the Australian Safety Razor Queens as we sell Luxurious Unique female Shave Kits. 

We are a small Brisbane based family run business, our low waste shaving soaps are handmade in Rural Queensland. 

We are a vegan company, all products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and we donate a portion of our monthly sales to Animals Asia Australia and Animals Liberation Queensland. 

Hi, I’m Liza. A former TV Presenter Host from TVSN- (The Television Shopping Network.) I’ve had years of experience selling and testing beauty products and have a distaste for plastic bathroom products. (shampoo anyone!).

Thanks for popping in and saying hi.