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TCSK Shave Kit – The Safety Razor Every Girl Should Have

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TCSK Shave Kit – The Safety Razor Every Girl Should Have - TCSK | Très Chic Shave Kit

TCSK Shave Kit – The Safety Razor Every Girl Should Have
Mon chéri, it's time to fall head over HEELS for eco-cosmetic shave kits!
Soft, silky, and smooth skin on the body is something that every woman desires and longs for. Especially when it comes to the legs. Painful waxing and other treatments are truly not… oh let’s face it, waxing HURTS like HELL, plus, we need to go to all that effort of dressing up, dawning makeup and make ourway to the beauty salon or to the mall just to get waxed.
TCSK Shave Kit
Way too much effort.
Oh, and let’s not forget the cost of waxing. In Australia, the cost of waxing is not cheap. Here’s a quick idea of the cost. 
  • Full Legs  $ 55.00
  • Brazilian $ 62.00 
  • Bikini  $ 32.00
  • Underarms  $ 25.00
Every what, four weeks? Iet’s say you wax your Legs every month for 12months, that will cost you $660.00, Brazillian - $744.00 etc. I know, right! 
Let’s talk about howthe world has changed due to COVID-19. We saw more women seek an alternative that will be safe, quick, and above all, provide excellent results. Not to mention, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 
The Safety Razor movement has begun. 
Catering to all the women who are switching to shaving, TCSK’S Shave Kit has designed the best possible razors & kits that are currently available on the market. What makes ourSafety Razors so special and unique are the benefits they provide as well as the outstanding quality and brilliant results.
The cosmetics and beauty industry and customers are switching more and more towards a clean and natural approach, becoming more environmentally aware and conscious.
TCSK’s shave soaps are vegan, cruelty-free and handmade in Rural Queensland. OurSafety Razors do not contain any plastic of toxic ingredients that can harm the skin and eventually reflect on the environment in general. The stainless steel blades and the razor are completely recyclable, which makes this razor even more enticing. The sleek unique designs, as well as the trendy and feminine colour choices that we provide, make the Safety Razor a worthwhile and lifetime investment that has proven benefits. The entire process of shaving comes completely redesigned with the Safety Razor.
If you’re looking to make a change in your beauty and shaving routine, TCSK’s Safety Razors and Kit should be your number 1 choice. Whatever you thought you knew about shaving is now reinvented with our Safety Razors. This awesome movement is here.
No more running late to an appointment. 
No more forking out your hard-earned cash every 4- 6 weeks. 
Safety Razors are a ONE-OFF BUY! 
Our Safety Razors are the hottest beauty product around. Come on over to our site and check us out.