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Japanese women are known for their beautiful skin.

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Japanese women are known for their beautiful skin. - TCSK | Très Chic Shave Kit

…but there is a secret to their flawless skin!

This may surprise you, but many women in Japan shave their faces. 

Not all Japanese women shave their face but it is a more common practice skincare regime in Japan than in western societies. 

And its become the trendiest thing in 2020.

 Why? - because your skin looks smoother and your makeup goes on beautifully, it certainly seems to keep our skin clean and once you start shaving your skin, it is hard to stop. 


Now look, for years and years, I was told you NEVER remove that facial hair and whatever you do, DO NOT Shave as your hair will grow back thicker and darker.  Have you heard that?

I suffered from polycystic ovaries in my late 20’s which means I had a lot of that yukky peach fuzz on my cheeks working its way down the side of my neck! I didn’t know what to do about it as I was told to simply leave it. 

As I got older into my 30s’ I stopped wearing foundation as it enhanced the peach fuzz. I love wearing makeup so I knew I had to do something about it.

I started to wax my face…. 

Have you done that? OMG! The pain hurt so much, the hot wax on my skin left me with red cheeks. Even my children would ask, “what was wrong with my face?” I also noticed to my HORROR that it pulled at my skin and made my wrinkles (yep have heaps I’m the close end to 50) worse. 

So I looked at mystunning razors and thought, hang on, the answer is staring at me. 

Our razor uses a very sharp single double-sided stainless steel blade, which gives you the closest shave ever. 

And then I thought. God!! can I use this on my face. Scary!

Wait…  My husband uses it to shave his face and his face is super duper hairy. 

I grabbed our TCSK shavesoap, put a little on my face, and went for it. 

I shaved downwards from my cheekbone to my jawline. There is no need to apply any pressure. 
Use the razor as you do for your legs, underarms, and bikini line, on a 30-degree angle. There is no drag on your skin only smooth hairless skin. 
The result was amazing. The smoothest skin I’ve ever had on my face. 
I then put on foundation and Woah, my skin looked flawless(bar the wrinkles).
  • I have no redness or irritation as I got from waxing.
  •  No pulling, and stretching of my delicate facial skin.  
  • I couldn’t be happier. 
    So ladies, what are you waiting for? 
    Us our Safety Razor. You never have to buy another product again. 

    Steps to shaving your face properly.

    – make sure to thoroughly clean your face, and remove all makeup.
    – apply ourshaving soap and use a new blade. Remember, you do not need to press the razor too hard on your face. Apply it lightly and shave it so you feel as if you are gently putting foundation on with a sponge.
    – once it’s done, wash your face with cleansing soap and rinse your razor thoroughly and keep it in a dry place.
    – use cotton pads to apply toner on your face and finish it with lotions. If you have acne-prone skin, you should use oil-free products and also make sure not to shave when your skin when it is breaking out as shaving, can irritate sensitive skin.
    I highly recommend that you try this new skincare routine. Trying it once isn’t going to hurt your skin and you could be pleasantly surprised with your new soft skin. 

    But be sure to follow the proper protocols stated above! Please let me know your thoughts or reply below with your results. 

    Happy smooth skin.