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Directions of use:

Coconut Slice Shave Cream

Is an oil-based cream, therefore we suggest not to shave in the shower,(this is to avoid potentially slipping over.)


Coconut Oil - Shea Butter - Olive Oil - Sugar - Vitamin E


Before you start: take the plastic cover off your Tres Chic Bamboo razor
Firstly: Wet your legs with warm water,(this is to avoid shave burn.)
Take the lid off your Coconut Slice Shave Cream and remove a small amount of cream.(about the size of a 50 cent coin)
Rub the shave cream into your legs. You can add more water and lather up if you wish.
Start at the bottom of your leg and shave up toward the knee.
Rinse your razor and repeat - continue until you have completed your leg.

For underarm use:

Wet your underarms, apply Coconut Slice Shave Cream and shave upwards.

Give your razor a really good clean with warm to hot water.
Put back into your box or into your *Audrey* cosmetic bag. Keep Coconut Shave Cream out of direct sunlight.

Any questions please email us below.